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PFS 2007 Annual Meeting—Speakers and Presentations

As noted in Youtube Videos for Past PFS Meetings, the PFS is migrating from older media platforms to Youtube for recordings of meetings from 2008–2013. The presentations for the 2006 and 2007 meetings were not recorded.

The original Program for the 2008 meeting is available, and is posted below:

I. The Inequality of Man and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations

II. Revisionist Perspectives on the History of the Middle East

  •  William Marina: A Desert Without Thaw: U.S. – Iran Relations 1944- Present
  • Peter Mentzel: The Ottoman Empire: How Sick Was the Sick Man of Europe?
  • Hunt Tooley: Divide, Rule, Manipulate: Western Strategies for the Middle East in the Period between the World Wars

III. The Nature of the State

 IV. The Failure of the Idea of a “Minimal State”

V. State, Politics, and Economics

  •  Kakha Bendukidze: Can Government Be Reformed or Must It Be Abolished? Experiences of A Businessman in Government
  • Dan Stastny: The Economics of Economics

VI. Theory, History, and Strategy

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