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PFS 2006 Annual Meeting—Speakers and Presentations

As noted in Youtube Videos for Past PFS Meetings, the PFS is migrating from older media platforms to Youtube for recordings of meetings from 2008–2013. The presentations for the 2006 and 2007 meetings were not recorded (except for one by Gabb from the 2006 meeting).

The original Program for the 2006 meeting is available, and is posted below along with notes for some of the presentations. This meeting was held May 18–22, 2006, in Bodrum, Turkey, at the Hotel Karia Princess.

  • Guido Hülsmann: Ludwig von Mises and the Mt. Pelerin Society. Strategic Lessons (Notes on Guido Hülsmann)
  • Paul Gottfried, A Short History of Modern American Conservatism
  • Sean Gabb, The Conservative Foundations of English Freedom
  • Paul Belien, Belgium – A Model of the “New Europe” (notes on Paul Belien)
  • Stephan Kinsella (chair), Panel discussion: Property Rights and the Protection of International Investment. The case of Turkey, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Georgia, and Poland. Kaya Ardic, Remigijus Simaius, Vladimir Topan, Nikolay Gertchev, Josef Sima, Paata Sheshelidze, Mateusz Machaj
  • Yuri Maltsev, The Fall of the Evil Empire. Reminiscences of a Former Gorbachev Advisor (note on Yuri Maltsev)
  • Christian Michel, Libertarians and Communitarians. Friends or Foes? (note on Christian Michel)
  • Enrico Colombatto, The Future of Law and Economics (notes on Enrico Colombatto)
  • Frank van Dun, Punishment and the Legal Status of Artifical Persons in Libertarian Theory (notes on Frank Van Dun)
  • Panel Discussion: Religion & Liberty: Atilla Yayla, Cristian Comanescu, Carlo Lottieri (notes on Panel discussion: Religion and Liberty)
  • Panel Discussion: Political Correctness and Property Rights: Tomislav Sunic, Juliusz Jablecki, Robert Groezinger (notes on Panel on political correctness and property rights)
  • Marco Bassani, Justifying Power: From God to Public Goods
  • Bertrand Lemennicier, (Aaron) Director’s Law Reconsidered (notes on Bertrand Lemennecier)
  • Thomas DiLorenzo, Secession, Devolution, and Freedom
  • Hans-Hermann Hoppe, How We Can Win. The Prospects of Liberty (See notes by Robert Grœzinger: “How to win?”)
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