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Youtube Videos for Past PFS Meetings

As members are aware, the PFS had its inaugural, First Annual Meeting in 2006 in Bodrum, Turkey. The presentations for the 2006 and 2007 meetings were not recorded. Starting in 2008, our long-term and founding member Sean Gabb graciously volunteered to record the proceedings, which he did from 2008 to 2011. Most of these were hosted on an early version of Google Video, or on Vimeo. In 2012–13, videos were uploaded to a different vimeo account. So until 2014, recordings of our meetings were scattered in a variety of places.

Starting in 2014, all proceedings have been put up on the PFS Youtube Channel. Professor Hoppe has begun an initiative to move the 2008–2013 PFS recordings to Youtube. We are working with media expert Manuel Lora in this respect. The initial phase of this project should be completed shortly, and then we will gradually roll out these older videos and update and reorganize our records accordingly. We plan to roll these out chronologically, starting with PFS 2008, until we finish with PFS 2013. Stay tuned!

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