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PFS 2024 Annual Meeting—Date, Location and Tentative List of Speakers and Topics

The 2024 (Eighteenth) Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society will be held from Thursday, Sept. 19, 2024 (arrivals) to Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2024 (departures), in Bodrum, Turkey, at the Hotel Karia Princess. Those interested in attending future meetings should contact Dr. Hoppe or Mr. Thomas Jacob (jacob@pfs-zurich.ch) (Administrative Secretary/Membership), regarding conditions, availability, and requirements. For information about previous annual meetings, see here.

The initial list of speakers and topics for the 2024 Annual Meeting follows:

  • Hans-Hermann Hoppe (Germany/Turkey): TBA
  • Saifedean Ammous (Palestine/Jordan): “Can the Real Interest Rate fall to Zero? What would that Imply?”
  • Philipp Bagus (Spain): “The Crime of the Corona Lockdowns”
  • Jayant Bhandari (Canada): “Understanding India”
  • Anthony Daniels (Theodore Dalrymple) (England/France): “The Worldly Adventures of a Skeptical Doctor”
  • Jeff Deist (USA): “The Political Corruption of Language”
  • David Dürr (Switzerland): “If I woke up and found myself president elect of Argentina …”
  • Doug French (USA): “The Entrepreneurial Studies Racket”
  • Alessandro Fusillo (Italy): “Liberalism, Anarchism, Fascism: A brief look at the modern history of Italy”
  • Sean Gabb (England): “The Fall of the Roman Republic—and What, if anything, to Learn from it Today?”
  • Jörg Guido Hülsmann (Germany/France): TBA
  • Stephan Kinsella (USA): “Abortion: A Radically Decentralist Approach”
  • Antony Müller (Germany/Brazil): “Milei after Nine Months: A Critical Update”
  • Thorsten Polleit (Germany): “Immanuel Kant’s ‘Enlightenment’—One Of The Sharpest Weapons For The Libertarian Fight”

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The Property and Freedom Society (Facebook; Twitter) was established in May, 2006 at the initiative of world-renowned libertarian philosopher and Austrian economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Inaugural Meeting and subsequent annual meetings have been held at the Hotel Karia Princess in Bodrum, Turkey. Programmes and video of previous presentations are available here.

The PFS is an international society for the promotion of “Austro-Libertarianism,” the economic and social philosophy most prominently represented during the 20th century by the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises and his leading American student Murray N. Rothbard, and tying back to the 19th century French economists Frederic Bastiat and Gustave de Molinari.

As such, the PFS stands for an uncompromising intellectual radicalism: for justly acquired private property, freedom of contract, freedom of association—which logically implies the right to not associate with, or to discriminate against—anyone in one’s personal and business relations—and unconditional free trade. It condemns imperialism and militarism and their fomenters, and champions peace. In the words of Professor Hoppe in 2010, at the Fifth Annual Meeting:

After the first meeting, 5 years ago, here at the Karia Princess, my plan became more specific still. Inspired by the charm of the place and its beautiful garden, I decided to adopt the model of a salon for the Property And Freedom Society and its meetings. The dictionary defines a salon as “a gathering of intellectual, social, political, and cultural elites under the roof of an inspiring hostess or host, partly to amuse one another and partly to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation.” Take the “political” out of this definition—and there you have it what I have tried to accomplish for the last few years, together with Gülcin, my wife and fellow Misesian, without whose support none of this would be possible: to be hostess and host to a grand and extended annual salon, and to make it, with your help, the most attractive and illustrious salon there is. [Video here and streamed below]

For further information, see:

PFP046 | Hans-Hermann Hoppe, The Property And Freedom Society—Reflections After Five Years (PFS 2010)


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For further information about the PFS and its previous meetings, see the Press & Offsite Material page, and various articles such as:

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