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Ignasi boltó January 18, 2013 at 7:43 pm

Hello, my name is Ignasi Bolto and I’am a filmmaker and musician from Barcelona. Good morning-afternoon-night … (Not sure what time zone you are going to read this email :))

I am contacting you because, as the email’s title says, I offer to add subtitles to spanish to some videos about Libertarianism, Austrian school of economics and anarcho-capitalism that you consider appropriate..

I would like to share with you that, although I’ve never considered myself from “rights or lefts”, during this last year or more, I been familiar with the Libertarian arguments and I can honestly say that I have changed as a person, ideologically and morally. That is the main reason for sending you this email. To understand the thesis of Ron Paul, Walter Block, Stefan Molyneux, Huerta de Soto, and well, less intensely Ayn Rand, Hayek, Mises, Rothbard … Has gave me another perspective to see what is around me (and endless conversations with friends and family who refuse to try to understand these theses … heh heh).

Well, I will tell you briefly that few months ago I contacted Mr. Walter Block and he agreed to add subtitles to this video: which lasts about 50 minutes. Kindly he agreed to pay me $ 100 for this subtitled, which I’m pretty proud because this process involves many, many hours.

I end my email… I contact you to SPREAD this video and to OFFER MYSELF TO ADD SUBTITLES to the videos that you believe to be appropriate and pay me what they believe appropriate. I’d love to do it for free but I value my work, for the situation in which we find in Spain and the amount of hours that the job entails. I hope you can understand this aspect that I’m highlighting.

I sincerely believe that I can contribute my energy to spread and make teaching subtitling videos for that Spanish (or latinamerican) speakers that can not understand English.

Thanks for your time, I hope your answer, carefully

Ignasi Boltó
skype: bolotduario1

William B. Grant May 17, 2013 at 6:02 pm

Hi Hans Hermann,
Please send me application for Sept. meeting of your organization in Bodrum.
Think can interest another couple as well.
Dean Bill Grant
(Your Dean at the school in which you taught outside Moscow in 1994.)

Glenda Selvage October 7, 2013 at 11:08 pm

Axios Press has just released a new book you may find interesting:

Economic Fascism: Primary Sources on Mussolini’s Crony Capitalism

It may be argued that Mussolini (1883–1945, dictator of Italy 1922–1943) invented modern crony capitalism. Although he described himself as a socialist, he rejected the Marxist version. Today nobody supports what came to be called fascism, but nevertheless many of the economic policies central to it survive and even dominate in countries all over the world. This unique collection of Mussolini’s statements about economics is important, all the more so since many of them have not been previously available in English.

Professor Carlo Celli has reviewed all the available material and created a masterful compilation of the most important primary documents. He also provides an introduction to set the scene and an appendix of economic data to clarify what was happening at the time. If you are interested in the origins of today’s crony capitalism and wish a better understanding of it, you will want this book.

We would be happy to send you either a hardcopy or an electronic copy of the book. Please email me at the address shown below with your request.

Glenda Selvage

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