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PFP191 | Gabb, Martland, Taghizadegan, Daniels, Discussion, Q&A (PFS 2018)

Property and Freedom Podcast, Episode 191.

This panel discussion is from the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom SocietySean Gabb (England), Keir Martland (England), Rahim Taghizadegan (Austria), Anthony Daniels (Theodore Dalrymple) (England), Discussion, Q&A.

PFS 2018 Playlist.

Note: Up until today we have been releasing talks from previous meetings at a pace of 5 episodes per week, to get past the backlog. Since we are almost caught up, starting with this episode we are switching to a release schedule of once per week, on Mondays. The material from the upcoming 2022 meeting will start being released in June 2023.

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