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PFP098 | Stephan Kinsella, The (State’s) Corruption of (Private) Law (PFS 2012)

Property and Freedom Podcast, Episode 098.

This lecture is from the 2012 meeting of the Property and Freedom Society: Stephan Kinsella (USA), The (State’s) Corruption of (Private) Law. PFS 2012 Playlist. Youtube and powerpoint slides below.

As noted in KOL001 | “The (State’s) Corruption of (Private) Law” (PFS 2012), I delivered this speech in September 2012 for the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society in Bodrum, Turkey. The audio of my speech was corrupted due to a technical error, so I re-recorded a version of the speech.

The talk was largely based on two previous papers:

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