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Property and Freedom Podcast Release Schedule Changes

The PFS started releasing past speeches via the Property and Freedom Podcast in December 2021, starting with the available audio from the first PFS Annual Meeting in 2006, and proceeding forward until we catch up to the 2021 meeting. Because of the large number of past recorded talks and panel discussions (234 as of the conclusion of PFS 2021, to be exact), we started releasing episodes 5 times a week.

Starting 8 Aug. 2022, we will release remaining episodes from 2018, 2019, and 2021 (2020 was canceled due to Covid restrictions), once per week, on Mondays, and then will release the 2022 episodes, starting June 12, 2023, once a week as well. For subsequent PFS meetings we will release all recorded sessions on the PFS Youtube channel (Odysee backup channel) shortly after the meeting, and will release the audio on the PFP podcast feed weekly.

Any suggestions or comments as to this approach are welcome, in the comments, or email me at nskinsella@gmail.com.

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