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Interview with Michael McKay (PFS 2012)

From Mises Sweden:

Interview with Michael McKay – PFS2012

tor 17 januari, 2013

There are so many good things you can say about Michael McKay so I will just mention a few things. Michael is the founder of Radio Free Market. I can really recommend one of his recent lectures about Reality Economics at Carthage College here. Michael is also a vivid supporter of many freedom organizations. Michael has been a successful business man for several years and is also the author of the Secrets About Money.

To sit down with Michael and discuss any subject is always a pleasure and I admire him on so many levels. I think one of the things I love most about Michael is that he is dedicated to help young people and to really spread his knowledge. In this interview Michael tell us about PFS, his books, advice for young people and how to build a business.

Buy Secrets About Money here and visit the website for Radio Free Market.

Interview with Michael McKay – Property and Freedom Society 2012 from LvMI Sverige on Vimeo.

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