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Interview with Doug French – PFS 2012

From Joakim Fagerström  on Mises Sweden, an interview he conducted at the  7th Annual Meeting of the PFS:

Doug French is Senior Editor at Laissez Faire Club and served as the president at the Mises Institute for many years. Doug received his master degree under the direction of Murray N. Rothbard at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas after many years in the business of banking.

Doug is one of the reasons why the Mises Institute has expanded so much over the years. He has not only achieved a lot in his life but he is also a true inspiration for other people. Doug knows how to build great teams to achieve results. He is always humble and ready to share his knowledge. As an example he spent an evening sharing his knowledge on PFS with younger think thanks. It is truly a privilege to be able to ask and get advice from someone like Doug. The good thing with Doug is that he has experience from “real” think thanks not the kind of public policy think thanks that wants to stay close to the political power in Washington and get corrupted step by step.

Doug was also kind enough to give this interview. In this interview you will hear him talk about PFS and the plans for Laissez Fair Books which I am sure will see a fantastic growth the coming years together with Doug and Jeffrey.

You can read his latest articles at Laissez Faire Books here.

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