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PFS 2014 Annual Meeting—Speakers and Schedule

Property and Freedom Society

Ninth Annual Meeting

Bodrum, Turkey, September 11-16, 2014

Karia Princess Hotel


Final Program Schedule

Thursday, September 11     arrivals and registration

Reception and dinner (pool area)                    19:30-23:00

Friday, September 12

8:00-9:45                                 Breakfast

10:00                                       Program begins (Hotel Conference Center)

10:00-10:15                             Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Welcome and Introductions

10:15-10:45                             Richard Lynn, 100 Years of IQ Research

10:45-11:00                             Coffee Break

 11:00-11:30                            Paul Gottfried, The Influence of the Jewish Lobby on US Policy

11:30-11:45                             Coffee Break

11:45-12:15                            Hunt Tooley, The US and the Middle East

13:00-14:30                             Lunch

15:00-15:30                            Carlos A. Gebauer, The Germans – Scattered Souls Dissolving into Irrelevance

15:30-15:45                             Coffee Break

15:45-16:15                             Olivier Richard, From France to the US, to GB, to Switzerland, to Thailand. Experiences of a Reluctant Taxpayer

16:15-16:30                             Coffee Break

16:30-17:15                             Lynn, Gottfried, Tooley, Gebauer, Richard, Discussion, Q & A

19:30-22:30                            Dinner and Turkish Night at the Hotel


Saturday, September 13

 8:00-9:45                                 Breakfast

10:00-10:30                            Sean Gabb, Enoch Powell. The Man and his Politics

10:30-10:45                             Coffee Break

10:45-11:15                            Anthony Daniels (Dalrymple), Freud: Apostle of Freedom or Apostle of Enslavement?

11:15-11:30                             Coffee Break

11:30:12:00                             Leon Louw, The Unequal Struggle Against Inequality. Despicable Aspects of the Socialist Mentality

13:00-14:15                             Lunch

14:30-15:00                            Guido Hülsmann, Fiat Money and “Wealth”

15:00-15:15                             Coffee Break

 15:15-15:45                             Douglas French, The “Independence” of the Central Bank

15:45-16:00                             Coffee Break

16:00-16:45                             Gabb, Daniels, Louw, Huelsmann, French, Discusssion, Q & A

17:30-17:50                             Group Photo in Hotel Lobby

18:00                                       Departure from the hotel lobby to the fishing village of Yalikavak

18:30-22:00                             Reception and Dinner at the beach


Sunday, September 14

8:00-9:45                                 Breakfast

10:00-10:30                            Marco Bassani, The Libertarian Idea of Community

10:30-10:45                             Coffee Break

10:45-11:15                             Carel Boshoff, The Afrikaner Community of Orania as an Experiment

11:15-11:30                             Coffee Break

 11:30-12:00                            Gerard Casey, Begotten, not Made: Law, Order and Community

13:00-14:15                             Lunch

14:30-15:00                            Thorsten Polleit, The New Socialist Destructionism

 15:00-15:15                             Coffee Break

15:15-15:45                            Ben O’Neill, A Critique of the Anti-Discrimination Paradigm

15:45-16:00                             Coffee Break

 16:00-17:00                            Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Realistic Libertarianism as Right-Libertarianism

17:00-17:15                             Coffee Break

 17:15-18:00                             Bassani, Boshoff, Casey, Polleit, O’Neill, Hoppe, Discussion, Q & A

18:00-18:15                             Coffee Break

18:15-18:30                             Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Concluding Remarks and Announcements

20:00-23:00     Gala Reception, Dinner, and Entertainment at the Hotel

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