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PFP195 | Stephan Kinsella, International Law Through A Libertarian Lens (PFS 2018)

Property and Freedom Podcast, Episode 195.

This talk is from the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society. Stephan Kinsella (USA), International Law Through A Libertarian Lens. Powerpoint slides embedded below.

Also podcast at: KOL250 | International Law Through a Libertarian Lens (PFS 2018).

PFS 2018 Playlist.

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Update: See also my International Law, Libertarian Principles, and the Russia-Ukraine War; and Murray Rothbard, “Just War,” in John Denson, ed., The Costs of War:

Much of “classical international law” theory, developed by the Catholic Scholastics, notably the 16th-century Spanish Scholastics such as Vitoria and Suarez, and then the Dutch Protestant Scholastic Grotius and by 18th- and 19th-century jurists, was an explanation of the criteria for a just war. For war, as a grave act of killing, needs to be justified.

… Classical international law … should be brought back as quickly as possible.

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