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Hoppe, Libertarianism and the “Alt-Right” (PFS 2017)

See PFP183.

From the recently-concluded Twelfth Annual Meeting of the PFS, Bodrum, Turkey (Sept. 14–19, 2017). An article based on the talk has been published as Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “Libertarianism and the Alt-Right: In Search of a Libertarian Strategy for Social Change,” Mises UK (20 Oct. 2017) (also at Vdare).

For other speeches at the Meeting, see the links in the Program, or the PFS YouTube channel, including the growing PFS 2017 YouTube Playlist. Additional media of the proceedings will be released in due course.

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For a silly response, see Bill Wirtz, Hey Hoppe, this is what the ‘Stupids for Liberty’ do (Nov. 14, 2017) (archive)

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