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John Derbyshire On Hans-Herman Hoppe—The Last Paleolibertarian

From VDare:

John Derbyshire On Hans-Herman Hoppe–The Last Paleolibertarian

By John Derbyshire on September 24, 2012 at 1:32am

What a menagerie we have become, here on the political Right!

Neoconservatives we all know about. They are the guys who favor restraint in taxation and regulation while being supportive of free trade, the welfare stateglobalization, and the World Policemanrole. Neoconservatives are currently basking in well-funded triumph, having taken over the Republican Party.

Paleoconservatives are still with us, or at least Pat Buchanan andChronicles magazine are. They preach restraint in foreign relations,traditional values, patriotism, and the Tariff.

Somewhere in between the two lie neo-reactionaries. I can’t quite get a handle on this term, but I have been seeing it with rising frequency this past few months. Is it really possible to have a category that includes both Jonah Goldberg and the weird but brilliant Mencius Moldbug? (I am a regular reader of MM, insofar as one can be a regular reader of a blogger who sometimes goes two months between posts.)

One percipient observer sees the beginnings of an entirely new kind of conservatism, distinct from all the foregoing: a “Dark Enlightenment,” of which I am (he says) one of the fuglemen, along with the aforementioned Mencius Moldbug.

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