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Interview with Vytautas Žukauskas – PFS2012

From Joakim Fagerström  on Mises Sweden, an interview he conducted at the  7th Annual Meeting of the PFS:

Interview with Vytautas Žukauskas – PFS2012

tor 11 oktober, 2012

Publicerad av Joakim Fagerström

Vytautas is one of these young libertarians that give you real hope about the future. Vytautas is young smart, full of energy, well-educated and would make any socialist tremble with fear.  He is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Lithuanian Free Market Institute and lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.Lithuanian Free Market Institute is a quite big and active Institute and employs 12 people. Remigijus Šimašius who is a frequent visitor at the PFS was the President of Lithuanian Free Market Institutefrom 2006-2008 but became the Minister of Justice 2008 in Lithuania.  I was really happy to meet Vytautas at PFS and we had a very nice interview where he told me about PFS, his work at the Institute and the future. It was great to do this interview and we wish Vytautas all the best in the future and hope that we can cooperate more between Sweden and Lithuania in the future.

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