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Economic Science and the Austrian Method translated into Spanish

Professor’s Hoppe’s Economic Science and the Austrian Method has been translated into Spanish, as “La ciencia económica y el método austriaco” [PDF] by Dante Bayona. It should be available soon for purchase in paper form on Amazon.

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  • José Carballido October 29, 2012, 7:42 pm

    Great news! I am currently working on a paper for a seminar to be held in Universidad de Navarra (Spain) in December. In my paper I present arguments against the pragmatic theory of truth (Peirce) and the consensus theory of truth (Apel) from a praxeological point of view. I have read Hoppe’s “The Economics and Ethics of Private Property” and currently reading Mises’ “Human Action”. Absolutely awesome to go deeper into the ‘verstehen’ of this approach of epistemology which I now consider to be the most appropriate way to consider the foundations of knowledge at least for the human sciences.
    If professor Hoppe would consider my services as a translator of his intellectual work into Spanish, please contact me and I will be sending my resume upon request.