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“Why ‘Intellectual Property’ is not Genuine Property,” Adam Smith Forum, Moscow

The video of my Moscow IP speech is now available on YouTube, as I noted at C4SIF.org:

Adam Smith Forum 3 - bannerAs I noted in a previous post, the 3rd Adam Smith Forum was held earlier this month (Nov. 12, 2011) in Moscow. This event was organized by the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, the Libertarian Party of Russia, and others. The Chairman of the ASF Steering Committee was economist Pavel Usanov, head of the Hayek Institute for Economy and Law, and Andrey Shal’nev, head of the federal committee of the Libertarian Party of Russia, was its co-chairman. I was invited to speak but could not attend in person, so my 47-minute speech “Why Intellectual Property is not Genuine Property” was presented remotely, with Russian subtitles. It is below, along with the original version and the English transcript plus the Russian translation, which was prepared by Maxim Tulenin, head of the Moscow branch of the Libertarian Party of Russia.

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